Royalet Heated Seat


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No more chilly surprises on winter mornings - your Royalet Heated Seat will always have a warm welcome for you!

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and luxury.
  • Heated seat with
  • Adjustable temperature(Low, High, Off)
  • Anti-microbial seat
  • Hydraulic “anti-slam” lid & seat
  • Easy to install and use

Please note: To install this seat, you need to be able to access the seat screws from under your pan.

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Warm seat
Enjoy the comfort and luxury of sitting on a warmed toilet seat.  There’ll be no more cold surprises on winter mornings - your Royalet will always have a warm welcome for you.

Hydraulic soft closing lid/seat.
The hydraulic lid and seat closes quietly, and gently, with a simple touch

Anti Microbial Seat
The seat is formulated from Anti-Microbial materials for germ resistance.

Adjustable seat temperature
Personalise your comfort.  Temperature  Settings for the Royalet Heated seat can be adjusted between Low, High and Off..


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