Royalet RA-CWB : Fresh Water Bidet


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  • Uses fresh tap water via cistern hose connection
  • Front Wash nozzle
  • Back Wash nozzle
  • Anti-microbial seat
  • Hydraulic “anti-slam” lid & seat
  • Easy to install and use

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Two Nozzle system - Front & Back Wash Nozzles
The Back Wash function features a solid stream of water to thoroughly clean the posterior.  The Front Wash nozzle provides a softer, gentler cleaning that is more suited for feminine hygiene.


Hydraulic soft closing lid/seat.
The hydraulic lid and seat closes quietly, and gently, with a simple touch.


Anti Microbial Seat
The seat is formulated from Anti-Microbial materials for germ resistance.

Easy to install
Connects to your fresh water cistern supply using a T-Valve connection and hose (all neccessary fittings supplied).

Easy to operate
Simply turn the dial clockwise to start washing.  Adjust the dial to your personal comfort by increasing or decreasing water pressure.

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