Royalet Electronic Bidets

A fresh approach to personal hygiene.

How does it work?

The Royalet Electronic bidet fits on most toilets, taking place of your ordinary toilet seat. Once you have finished with your toileting, cleaning up is as easy as the push of a button, giving you a comfortable and shower-fresh feeling.

There are separate nozzles for men and women, the water is nicely heated to your preference and the heated seat is a favourite in winter! If you live in warm climate areas, you may wish to change the temperature to Low or Off. Finally, finish off with a gentle warm air dryer - no need to use toilet paper or clog our oceans with paper waste.

Royalet Electronic Bidet - the toileting revolution.

All our Royalet bidets come with 12 months warranty. We stock all spare parts, in the rare case any problem should occur.

Click here to view our brochure of the Royalet Range.

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